Hello fellow songwriters,

This week there will be a video interaction released in the Facebook group, but no teaching video. Simply because the assignment is to co-write the song each of you has been working on with your partner. For example, Team Mate #1 sends his/her song to Team Mate #2 and vice versa. Total I should receive two songs from each team equaling to ten songs. If it happens to be a verse and a chorus, or a verse, or a chorus, then you will have succeeded for this week. For the next two weeks, I want you to be very interactive with your team mate and complete this song with your team mate.

You might ask, how do you co-write? That's a great question! Honestly, everyone is totally different. Firstly, how you write with your team mate is largely dependent upon whether you know that person or not. Secondly, identify the other person's strengths.

For example, is the team mate stronger at writing lyrics or melodies? Whoever is strongest, then compliment each other. If both of you are strongest at the same skill, then see who is stronger than the other at the second skill. Meaning, if Team Mate #1 and Team Mate #2 are both good at writing lyrics, but Team Mate #2 is also good at writing melodies, then Team Mate #2 should work with Team Mate #1 in writing lyrics, but assist heavily at writing melodies.

So this week's assignment is... write a song with your team mate.

  1. Watch this video by Jeremy Riddle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t002eLWYNIc
  2. Ask your team mate for their song they've been working on over this class. This is the song you're going to be working on.
  3. Take your team member's song, edit it, add your ideas, record and send back to them.
  4. Collaborate! Finalize!
  5. Send to Bethany!

Altogether, their should be 10 songs sent to me.

You guys are amazing and brave. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.


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