Video Assignments:

  • Read at least a chapter of Psalms a day between chapters 1 and 60. 
  • Journal every day about each chapter or verse from the chapter and how you related to it or how it spoke to you.

For this coming week, you are not required to send me anything, however you will be required to share and discuss these things with your team mate.

Guest Teacher

Nick Rector

Nick has been producing for over 10 years with over 15 years experience in music. Nick has been a full time worship leader, songwriter and musician since 2009 with the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace. Nick travels extensively as a worship leader, speaker and musician at events & conferences, to produce and to be a part of numerous album productions around the country. Nick has traveled with and worked with artists such as Gabriel Wilson (producer, Bethel Music's "Tides" and "You Make Me Brave"), Lindy Conant (Worship leader, YWAM's Circuit Riders, Carry The Love), Sean Feucht (Worship Leader, Speaker, Director of Burn 24-7), Catherine Mullins (Worship Leader - The Ramp), Corry Robinson (Corry Robinson Ministries, OHOP) and many more.

Website and social media:
Twitter: @nrector32
Insta: @nick.rector
Snapchat: @nrector32

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