Video Assignments:

This week I want you to write a song based off of what God is speaking to you about your church. This is very important that you follow each step, share the process with your team mate, and make sure to send me what you've written at the end of this week (next Wednesday). I need lyrics and a voice memo of you singing it/playing it.

  • Ask God what is going on in your church
  • Write a song with the messaging of what God is saying in your church along the pattern of:
    • Problem / Explanation // at least one verse
    • Superhero / Reason // chorus
    • Reinforcement / Resolve // bridge
  • Email this song to your team mate and share the heart behind it
  • Email me this song at the end of the week (next Wednesday) with lyrics and an MP3.

Guest Teacher

Gabriel Allred

With over 20 years of worship leading experience, Gabriel's passion is to simply host the Presence of the Lord. His innovative acoustic guitar playing, soaring voice and prophetic edge are the tools the Lord has given him to lead in worship. With a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and a keen teaching gift, Gabriel desires to see people come in to greater understanding and revelation of God’s character through worship.

Worship has always been a part of my personal identity. Worship is something that is given fully. Not partially. Anything less than all would be to trivialize the Creator. Even in my teen-age years to protect God’s presence was something that drove me. That drive took me out of the shell of a personality I thought I was in to someone unafraid to speak the Spirit’s leading and worship unabashed.”
~ Gabriel Allred

Website and social media:
Twitter: @gabrielallred
Instagram: @gabrielallred

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