Part One:
Write it down.
• Make a habit of writing things down daily.

Part Two:
Study poetry.
• Writing styles (dramatic, sarcastic)
• Grammar & english
• Thesaurus & dictionaries

• When inspiration hits, we need to be faithful to the little things the Lord is giving us.
• You want to be capturing and writing your ideas down.
• Inspiration is merely a catalyst for revelation.
• As you are discovering your voice, discovering the ones who have gone before you is crucial.

Not in Video but important to know:
• Never break the rules without knowing what the rules are. The ones who “break the rules” of writing, but have never mastered them in the first place, will not have the substance to continue as a disciplined songwriter.

Writing Ideas/Solutions:
• Make a habit of writing for five minutes a day. Not writing with the intent to write a song, but writing to journal and get things out. Psychologists say that some of the healthiest, whole-hearted people are the ones that journal everyday.
• Read a Psalm a day

Video Assignments:
• Find a poet — study their works and writing. 
• Find your favorite songwriter (not just worship songs, but a brilliant author of lyrics)
• Buy a journal and write everything down!

Team Assignments:
• Talk to your team mate about favorite songwriters and poets
• Swap ideas about practical practices for writing
• Ask about team mates thoughts and how the assignments apply

Practical Assignments:
• Write for five minutes each day. Not writing with the intent to write a song, but to do it for the discipline and practice. Write whatever comes to your mind, or whatever is on your heart.
• Spend a few minutes in your personal prayer time and ask God what is on His heart. Write down whatever He tells you.
• Finish the song from the Monday song challenge given on April 25, 2016. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be finished. You can do this!
Watch Amanda Cook’s teaching

Your Practical Needs (Suggested):
• Garageband
• Voice recorder: Zoom
• Get your favorite notepad
• Get your favorite pen

Song example:
You Deserve It All — YouTube video

Pieces by Amanda Cook
• Atlas by Coldplay — The Hunger Games Catching Fire Soundtrack

Bethany’s favorite poets:
• Robert Frost
• Emily Dickenson
• William Shakespear

Bethany’s favorite songwriters:
• Phil Wickham
• Chris Martin
• Amanda Cook

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